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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Survival Threat: Racial Violence

As preppers were are concerned with the ramifications of a collapse as it pertains to our security and survival. We all intuitively know that any large scale collapse, be it a economic collapse, hyper inflation, terrorist attack with nuclear or biological weapons, disease pandemic and/or large scale natural disasters from which the resulting chaos would eventually pit every "have not" citizen against citizens who "have". This is a flashpoint that could occur with very little prompting and the threats could be along social-economic groups versus another segment of the population,….it could be one community against the other,…..criminal or bandit elements against law abiding groups,……or it could be along racial lines.

Be advised that I am NOT one of the believers that a race war is inevitable. I do think however, that large scale racial violence, short of what we would think of as a war, is probable if the economy tanks or any other survival stressors occur.  I also think a race war or violence between racial groups is much more likely from an economic level or fueled by the collapse based on racial tensions underlying on a thin surface.

We have current examples of this thin surface with the fatal shooting of a young black teenager by a man called George Zimmerman. Rest assured that there will be no assumption of guilt or innocence in this article, but the observations of potential race on race violence created or pushed by perceptions.

In case you have been away, like up in the Artic, this past week, a light skinned Hispanic male, with an anglo name (Zimmerman) reportedly pursued then shot to death a black teenager in the Florida town of Sanford who was in Zimmerman's neighborhood.  It is perceived that Zimmerman uttered a racial epithet under his breath while on the phone to 911 and the perception from the black community and others is that this was a racially motivated shooting with Zimmerman pre-disposing a black teenager to criminal acts in his neighborhood.

While I don’t want to get into the details of the shooting or the investigation, I do want to expose the threat of race on race violence as the local and national black community is outraged, and threats to Zimmerman have been made. Al Sharpton has led media events orienting this shooting as racial motivating and has either, accidentally or purposefully, fueled resentment and retaliation talk.  Barack Obama has also talked about this incident on his campagin tours. 

In fact, the New Black Liberation Militia (NBLM), a group in the mold of the old Black Panthers, led by a man named Prince Najee Muhammad, say they intend to march into Florida and make a “citizens arrest” on Zimmerman.

I think for through our lifetimes, no matter how long or short they will be, that there is a large threat of violence along racial lines occuring, especially during anytype of collapse where the scramble for survival will be significant and perhaps accelerated by the political expediency of using class warfare and pitting the "haves" and "have nots" against each other as this perception of unfairness keeps that socio-economic-racial anger right below the surface.


  1. I'm a little concerned that this incident will be pushed until racial violence does break out. I think the Democrats want a crisis with riots and violence in major cities so that they can implement some of the oppresive laws passed recently. I think the Democrats recognize that they need an edge to win in November and see violence as a way to rally their base. This is a serious concern.

  2. (Anonymous: If everyone in this country thought like you do, we'd have already descended into anarchy. Let's call this brand of creative paranoia, an example of go home and take a long hard look in the mirror.)

    I think worrying that you may be attacked by a racial group, leaves one unprepared for the likelihood they'll actually be attacked by folks with your own skin color! Don't think any 'group' is going to be innocent. There will be more then enough examples of 'Good ol' boys' raiding whatever they can from 'black' neighborhoods.

    Fact: Looting and raiding during a major disaster is a survival technique. It’s not safe, and there is no guarantee you’ll find enough to survive. But for most people, this will be their primary strategy. If you’re lucky, they’ll stick to the Wal-Mart. The worrying observation made in disaster and social unrest situations is that the looters typically feel perfectly entitled to any goods stolen, and innocent to any damage or harm they do to others in the process. When you find a SHTF situation, you’ll also likely see racism, reverse-racism, paternalism, oppression and a hundred other political buzzwords getting the blame for one simple fact; ‘Hungry people will try to get food any way they can.’ It will not matter if you happen to fall in or out of this looting groups race/creed/color… expect to be targeted in some way for some reason. This means 'Black on White', 'White on Black' 'Black on Black' and 'White on White' crimes! Expect that if you provide for your own needs in an emergency, and not share with others because you don't have enough to go round, taking things from you can and will be perfectly justified in their mind. Be prepared to defend yourself, and be prepared to move to a new neighborhood after things calm down. Neighbors may have hurt feelings, and you may have threats of retribution even after life begins to return to normal…

    1. Wow...very well said.

    2. Wow ...very well said @ Chris message

  3. First of all it is tragic what happened and prayers go out to all who are impacted by this. This really isn't about a black man being killed by a white man, it about the displeasure by the public regarding the lack of a thorough investigation. This situation became emmotionaly fueled to the point that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the the president whom gave a personalized response. The media played a huge part in this by posting a picture of what appears to be happy 10 year old boy this a inocent smile, now this now become a battle cry for the anti-gun advocates to voice there displeasure.
    Do I think there will be violence? Maybe, but just like the L.A. riots it will be sporatic and be carried out by wanna be gang bangers looking to stir up trouble. I would hope that this is nuetralized before this becomes another Rodney King incident.
    It doesn't do anybody any good when emmotions get out of control. The president should have chose his words a little more carefully because his words stand a chance and dividing this country along racial lines.

    This situation never should have escalated to the point it did. What if it comes out that Jayvon had a shady past, that he got suspended from school for something serious. Why does this have to be a black/white issue even though it was a hispanic individual? Why does the media have to push there one-sided agendas.
    The black panthers putting a $10,000 reward for his arrest is what is most appauling. The last thing we need to have happen is give the racial extremist in this country the oppertunity to spew their racial hate agenda.

    God Bless America and Everybody else too.

  4. It is common that the police don't give out all the information when they investigate and this allows people to think that there was a "lack of a thorough investigation". But in the last 24 hours enough information has come out such that we know that isn't the case. Suprise! It seems Zimmerman was the victim and was attacked by the 17 year old 6'3" Trayvon who was suspended from school for stealing jewelry and on suspicion of selling drugs. He was in a gated community NOT where his father lives but inside a gated community which is private property. He attacked Zimmerman not the other way around. After he knocked Zimmerman to the ground he was in the process of trying to kill him by banging his had on the sidewalk when Zimmerman drew his gun and saved his own life. None of this matters because Obama needs a distraction and this new war on hispanics will rally his base.

    1. Trayvon's did live in the area. He went to the store to buy a snack (which was found on his body). He wasn’t there to steal! He got the death sentence for walking down the wrong street.

      After Zimmerman said 'Fucking coons… they always get away' the 911 operator TOLD him not to chase after the kid. She said 'We don't need you to do that sir!" Did he listen, no?

      Zimmerman never said 'Stop!' 'I have a gun!' Or even 'Ouch!'? He never even went to the hospital! Never sought medical treatment for his 'injuries' after this so called “Fight for his life” with an unarmed 17 year old…

      Trayvon suspended from school? As a teenager? MY GOD, WHAT A CRIMINAL?! And George (hor-hay) Zimmerman's 2005 arrest for assaulting a police officer? Where does that rank on the suspended from school scale?

      How about the fact that Zimmerman isn't on any neighborhood watch? His town doesn't have one. He was just walking the streets, with a gun, looking for trouble...

  5. No! He got the death sentence for beating up a guy with a gun.

    Actually if you find the unedited 911 cal on youtube you will see that he did indeed stop folloing him after the 911 operator suggested it. He was walking back to his SUV when he was viciously attacked by a 6'3" 180 football player.

    Zimmerman does not need to be on a nieghborhood watch to drive his SUV around his nieghborhood. Just the other day I drove mine and I'm not on a nieghborhood watch either...

    1. There is no 'unedited' 911 call. If you heard one, it was fake. (Point in fact, Zimmerman didn’t call 911... he dialed a non-emergency police number, and was transferred to an operator)

      Trayvon Martins was 6 feet tall, and 160lbs at the time of his death

      Zimmerman is 250lbs (Couldn't find info on height) but that’s a big dude with a criminal history for assault.

      The map above shows an 'A' where Martins body was found. His house was at the end of the block near the '2610' on the lower right hand corner of the map. (This shows he made a b-line from the front gate, to his home)
      Zimmerman’s truck is parked in front of the clubhouse with the pool.

      7:10 p.m.: Zimmerman calls the police. He is instructed not to get out of his SUV or approach Martin. He does anyway. The phone call was 4 minutes long.

      About 7:17 p.m.: Records show Trayvon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend and tells her about a man chasseing him. She hears someone ask Martin what he was doing and Martin asking why he was following him. The girl hears a scuffle and Martin's phone goes dead.

      About 7:25 p.m.: Police arrive and Martin is dead. Single gunshot wound to the chest.

      Martin’s mortician report does not note any bruising or lacerations on his hands that would indicate he had punched anyone.

      At the time of his booking, Zimmerman also has no visible injuries. There is also no blood visible on his clothing (as would be the case if laying under Martin's body at the time of the shooting).

      The key to this case will be physical evidence such as blood splatter and powder burn on Martins clothing. The police (now under a national magnifying glass) will be able to determine the distance Martin and Zimmerman were standing away from each other, as well as if Zimmerman fired from underneath Martin, or if Zimmerman was in fact on top or standing neutral.

      My personal opinion is that (mostly due to shotty police work nearly a MONTH before any of us heard anything...) nobody knows exactly what happened. Anyone on this forum to claims to, is probably filling in the many blanks with their own personal prejudice’s.

  6. You are incorrect there is indeed a unedited 911 call. Zimmerman was 5'8" and well under 250 lbs.
    By now you must know that the networks actually altered that video that you claimed showed no visible injuries and in fact the unedited tape clearly shows a large cut on the back of his head. The first responders at the site cleaned up Zimmermans wounds and that is an undisputed fact!! We actually do not know if there was shoddy police work so clearly you are guessing. The DA choose not to arrest and that is common since once an arrest is made the clock starts ticking and the DA must charge or release and if they make the wrong charge it all comes out in open court and makes the DA look shoddy. The fact that he was not arrested really only tells us there was not enough evidence for the police to make an arrest. It does not mean they thought hew was innocent or gave him a pass or any of the other far left crazy ideas.

    1. The video wasn't altered by the networks, you paranoid twit!!
      Upon digital enhancement... yes there does appear to be a bit of a booboo... Enhancing a video of poor quality to reveal additional details is a far cry from ‘left wing media’ trying to obscure injuries…
      But enhanced by who? I once saw a few clips of iCarly edited to make one of the starts appear naked. If the video was enhanced by the police, that’s one thing. If it was ‘enhanced’ by some rightwing racist ass that wants to make Zimmerman look innocent… that’s another matter entirely! The jurry is still out as far as I'm concerned, as to who 'enhanced' the video...

      And I hope Trayvon did crack his head open. I hope he got him real good! (Not proactively speaking, but given the outcome... I hope the kid at least got his licks in!)

      But the 911 calls made by the neighbors did pick up Trayvon screaming 'HELP, HELP, HELP!' moments before the gunshots were heard. An attacker does not scream for help. If you're getting the shit beat out of you, and pull a gun and your attacker backs up and starts screaming for help, then you fire... You go to the pokey! Because pulling the gun has ended the assault. The firing of the gun then becomes a second case. An act of revenge! (My uncle was in a similar situation, and I sat through every trail in his case. And his killer was found guilty for that one simple fact.)

      Fair point on arrest coming after the investigation. We're not cops or detectives and we're getting all this information piece meal. However I would like to point out that this investigation seems to be moving much faster now that the state of Florida knows people care and want to see justice done for Trayvon Martin.

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